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Dream Faces

We all have a choice. Do we listen to the whisperings of the Angel on our right shoulder, or to the demon on our left?

Mark Stephens’ quiet life as an artist is turned upside down. At age 42 he finally receives the opportunity he has been working for. A national gallery discovers his art and wants to make him wealthy. 

At the same time he has big problems. His current series of paintings are based on the vivid dreams he has recently been having about three girls. The trouble is, as the girls appear in his paintings, they disappear from their families, and the police are eyeing him as the primary suspect. On top of that, the real kidnappers, a group of Russians from Detroit, discover his paintings, and believe he is aware of them, endangering him and his family. 

There is a silver lining. Out of the chaos Mark discovers he has a gift. He has the Sight. He can suddenly see his guardian Angel and other more sinister beings.

The police think Mark is insane or at best a suspect. So Mark goes after the kidnapped girls to try and rescue them. 

Mark is not an action hero. He is an artist. But he does have a Guardian Angel. 

Dream Faces is a powerful new debut suspense supernatural novel about everyday heroes, self sacrifice, and the choices we make. 

Here’s what some readers think about Dream Faces!


5 stars!  Great start out of the gates - a book that will really intrigue readers!

I believe this is the author's first book. If not forgive me, please! I really enjoyed this story. The plot was very interesting. What gave the story some real "jazz" was the mysterious angels and demons that accompanied each character. And I thought it was really cool the way there was some "in-fighting" between them. The main character is a painter - who is still trying to make his big break. He has a wife and no kids. For weeks, maybe months, he dreams about images and then is possessed to paint them. The thing is - the images are primarily of 3 young girls. He paints them over and over again, in various portraits according to his dream. When the story starts, the first of the 3 girls he is so familiar with, he feels her name is Grace...not sure why but he knew it was right. Eventually, he becomes a person of interest to the police - who of course have a hard time with his "dream" stories. There is some traumatic events in this story - I feel like it gave it more realism - to be a bit brutal in that regard. We can't all have happy endings. If I were to say one critical thing about this book - the author did a really good job with the dialog, but it almost seemed like he might have held back. Perhaps he was afraid of an overreaction of the reader's part, I don't know for sure. But I felt like as I was reading it - he was almost trying to hard to make the dialog flow and feel real. It actually did do a lot of flowing. I didn't stop and find myself constantly groaning and saying..."Oh, my, God who wrote this book, a 10 year old?" like I do with many self-published and first books. So now I tend to look hard at dialog - and believe me when I say - my criticism is a complement not a drag on his story. I guess what I'm trying to say - is that I hope he writes more and feels more confident with his next book. He has the dialog pretty well - it just needed a bit that I see happening with experience and confidence. I gave the book a 5 star because I compared it to other new books and similar genre. If there was a 4.5 rating - that's where it would have landed. I more than liked it (4 starts) but a 5 star, to me, indicates perfection. This book was perfect as a new book. :-)


5 Stars! Very interesting first novel!

I really liked the concept: we are each accompanied thru life by an Angel and a Demon, and the protagonist can see them. He senses the disappearance of three young girls, and is increasingly driven to find and rescue them. He is an artist and is driven to paint portraits featuring the girls, which causes suspicion on the part of the police, and of course, there are some really bad guys to contend with. A good read!


5 stars!  Great Read! Suspenseful, Entertaining, Supernatural

I enjoyed reading this book. It has a good combination of mystery, thrill, and supernatural. The characters are likeable and interesting. It certainly makes you wonder what or who is around you. I hope there is a second book with the main character.


5 stars!  I love this book!

I'm only halfway through reading, but I just had to stop and comment how good this book is. The author has an awesome writing style, and I love the way he describes his characters and weaves their individual stories together. I'm already looking forward to reading his next book!


5 stars!  Sinister and Believable!

Steve Shanks' first novel was a home run! I personally love the angels, and have been told I am very intuitive, but don't have the skills that the main character in this novel has. I wish I did! Steve was able to write a story and plot that left me hanging on edge, waiting for the next shoe to drop! It was a great read, and I wasn't able to put it down.....If you believe in a higher power, believe villains exist and care about children then you need to read this book! I could easily follow the story, and felt like in our present day society this could definitely happen! This should be made into a movie, I found myself talking to many of the characters in frustration as the plot "thickened"! Great novel, Steve, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Hope you are busy with your next novel!


5 stars!  Great book. Anxious to read more.

I really enjoyed reading Dream Faces. The plot was full of twists and turns. Loved the Angels and demons of each character. This book kept me up way too late at night reading because I could not put it down. I would never know this was a first novel for this author. Hope to read more from him. Grab this book folks. It is well worth your time


5 stars!  Outstanding Novel

The writer's use of words is matched only by his vivid imagination. This book will take you on a ride between good and evil, as well as fear and hope, and immerse you in the joy that comes from courage. It is spell binding and inspiring. Five stars to a new writer. I can't wait for his next one.


5 stars!  Loved this title

loved this title! there some twist and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat and would not allow me to put this book down! an amazing read all the way through!


5 stars!  Great Debut!

I've always believed in guardian angels, & I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Amazing how the characters all ended up connecting, & certain characters I was afraid were going to be bad....oops, no spoilers. Terrific debut novel!

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